About Us

We are a team of marijuana enthusiasts and have been been selling high quality marijuana seeds from the best seed-banks around the world since 2005.

Trough our site we offer fellow marijuana enthusiasts, researchers and patients the opportunity to buy fresh high quality marijuana seeds, directly from the breeders.

We only sell high quality seeds, and test most seeds of a seed-bank before we decide selling their brand on our site. Trough the years we have sifted trough many seed-banks, brands and cannabis strains so you don't have to! We only sell the best seeds from reliable seedbanks around the world. (You will not believe the scams that are going on in the cannabis seeds industry).

We offer classic strains and new age hybrids from brands you can trust.

Well known seed banks

We guarantee safe and discreet shipping and our team is always working to offer professional support to our customers, expand their knowledge about strain genetics, and find seeds of the best strains available.

We have offices in the United Kingdom (London) and in Holland (Maastricht) where cannabis seed have been legal to sell for decades.

You can Contact us here.